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Now I Can Run Mid-Year Newsletter

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Inkco Winter Sports

Our seasoned athlete Bobby Tagget decided to try his new spike shoes in a night race at Runaway Bay’s Gold Coast Performance Centre.

The event occurred on the last week of each month from June, July and August and although he only attended two of these events, with his best time of 33.9 in June, he very much enjoyed the night-time run

June Race Runner of the Month

A huge congratulations to Thomas Wiltshire, who has improved in his ability to follow coach Bobby and coach Caleb’s instructions during training sessions.

A very caring team member also, who tries to keep everyone engaged and he is always wanting to learn.

A huge thank you from the team!

Tommi Turbo and the Tobinator take on Denmark

July was a highlight for Amy and Thomas as they set off for one of the highly acclaimed World Ability Sport Frame Running Championships. Where over 17 countries come together in Copenhagen, Denmark to compete in both short and long-distance heats.

Of course Tommi Turbo and the Tobinator wouldn’t say no!

Amy showed everyone her winning attitude in the 5000m race, claiming gold and was eager for more as she tackled the 800m as well!

Nothing stops Amy once she steps onto the track!

Our speedster who just never knows when to slow down claimed a PB in his 200m race, finishing in only 4.57 seconds.

Amongst running incredibly long distance races, more info about Thomas’ and Amy’s trip to Denmark can be found on our website.

Fly Into July

This July our athletes grew wings again and swooped into Fly Into July, an annual challenge that tests participant’s endurance to record their daily steps and run or walk for as long as possible in the month of July.

With their heads held high, Now I Can Run members achieved a team average of 100,000 steps each and raised over $1000 for the charity!

July Race Runner of the Month

Our main performer who not only raised the most money, but also ran a whopping 25Kms is Jackson Kirkham. He really pushed hard this year! We are so impressed with your determination throughout the challenge.

Earning himself July’s Race Runner of the Year didn’t come as a shock to staff, but boy you should have seen Jacko’s expression when it was announced! It was almost as if his favourite team won the footy.

Keep challenging yourself Jacko, every time you run you are getting stronger.

Athlete Profile – Thomas Wiltshire

In training Thomas has run up to 400M is one sprint and is really pleased about his latest achievement in running 5KMs in the recent Dream World Fun Run, where he enjoyed running with his Race Running friend, Lincoln. He is very friendly and cares a lot about Sandra and Aria, who participate with him in the Wednesday sessions at Griffith University. He also likes running at his school oval and prefers to run at around mid-day.

Thomas is a very active boy and likes to dance, ride horses and has an interest in watching soccer and tennis. He also enjoys cuddling his teddies!

Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Marathons

Our super star Thomas isn’t only improving on his focus and commitment to sessions, he is also really ramping up his speed in the Gold Coast Marathon!

Joining him is our elite athletes Amy and Bobby. This was Bobby’s first attempt at a 5km run, and “boy it was challenging”

Great job everyone!

Only just a few weeks later was the Sunshine Coast Marathon. Amy really pushed herself doing a half marathon, and our iron man Lincoln continued to run a consecutive weekend in a row! Straight after the Dreamworld Fun Run.

Standout Race Runners around Queensland

Darling Downs got to feel Ivy’s determination early August when she was able to run 60m, 100m and 200m. After recovering from a major hip operation in May these distances are phenomenal for her.

As a celebration coach Amy treated Ivy with her favourite chocolate: Turkish Delight.

Aston is also making huge progress in his Race Running journey, running a WHOPPING 2kms in the Dreamword Junior Dash.

Surely his 100m run at Bayside Districts, near his home turf, was just the warm up he needed to tackle the incredibly fun and exciting theme park’s 2km challenge!

Annual Dreamworld Fun Run

Every year our racers take a spectacular run through the incredible Dreamworld theme park. With over 10 of our seasoned athletes participating in either the 2km Junior Dash or the 5km Fun Run, there was enough of a challenge for everyone.

A lot of enthusiasm was in the air from all participants, we even have some members travel from Brisbane for this amazing day. Although the cloud cover did seem worrying at first, it was a dry run. Not that rain ever scared our superstars!

The team were able to enjoy many features on their way to the finish line, including paint, picture posing (Lincoln approved) and some breathtaking scenery from one of the most popular destinations on the Gold Coast.

Race Running is heating up at Pimpama Sport Hub

Pimpama Sports Hub is really firing up, with new Race Runners like Reef Scoble, Roman and Romeo joining Will for some music while they dance and run around the basketball courts.

The sessions here weren’t meant for competition and long distance, and the smiles on everyone’s faces shows the calmness that can be felt on the blue track under a blue sky.

Will’s main preference of music is High Five, a classic group that many people would be familiar with. His hands are always in the air as he claps and shakes his body to the music, making everyone so very happy.

While Reef on the other hand prefers to rock out with ACDC, which is a fast and furious as Reef is on the bike!

At the moment Reef is having a serious operation to improve his mobility and will be back on the bike running faster than ever!

Who knows if we will be able to keep up!

August’s Race Runner of the Month

Our Race Runner of the Month goes to Lincoln Woodmass. Lincoln is one of our most cheerful and positive members whose smile and attitude is very contagious.

Congratulations for really pushing yourself to your limit in the recent Sunshine Coast Marathon and Dreamworld fun runs!

Appreciation to our team!!!

Now I Can Run would like to thank all our supporters who voluntarily give their time to our participants.

The freedom of Race Running is unlike any other and our participants strongly benefit from having you as part of their team.

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